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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Clumsy Day :(

What happen to me ?
Today i'm look so ugly so clumsy.
First period in my class time table is Addmath.
What theee. Homework is not done !
Congratulation for me and Husna Hahahaha.
Jengjengjeng. Time for Meng-copy.
And the bad news i'm not bring the Hw paper.
Dah la  Cikgu Aidatul mengeluarkan sound like this
'Siapkan paper Trial Kedah saya nak hari ini jugak. Dah siap baru bole amik Paper2 Kedah'
How's me ? 
Dah la ta bawak. Nasib badan. KUIKUI.
Close about Addmath* malas nak cerita ending haha.

This is about Physics !
OH MY GOD I'm not finished my Hw too.
Hmmm seriesly I'm bad to much.
Ape nak jadi Tashaaaa.
Sambil buat Addmath buat Physics jugak
Amazing kau Tashaa.
Well You know me. :)
After recess time is Physics period.
Huh i'm so lucky Cikgu Adlina give a chance to send the hand out in Monday
*bukan aku sorang ramai lagi kot ta hantar.
Lalala Happy ta berlagu.
Eah ade lagu.
Lagu I do by Colbie Caillat.
Yess Teacherr I DO I DO I DO DO DO haha.
Don't worry okay :)
I love you teachers* Addmath and Physics :)

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